Thursday, 10 March 2016

Microworkers TTV

Microworkers TTV 

Microworkers is a genuine site which provides users from around the world to gather at a unique platform and make Money by taking simple tests and by completing small jobs. It is the easier way to Earn Money Online in a very short time. the users have to work on this website for 1-2 hours daily and they can be able to earn 5$ -10$ daily without doing much hardwork.

micro workers provide an opportunity to its users that its users can take tests and be able to to do blogging and wrting tasks. by doing this users can Earn much more than a simple small job. SO I suggest to all of you to take these tests and pass these tests and Earn more profit. 

If you want Perform these tests then just join the site www.microworkers.com and make your account. After making a account you will be able to see the available jobs below. These jobs vary with the time. to apply on a job just click on the job and then follow the instructions at the page of job.

If u want to create your own compaigns and hire workers then just follow the steps written on the image below.

by putting your website address you can make a compaign and start your site to be promoting on microworkers give the jobs to workers for completation.

By doing this procedure you will be able to do your tasks or you can hire workers to perform your own tasks.

There is a list of tasks which you may perform or hire workers to do :
1: complete registration process on any site given
2:complete simple tasks like watching a video 
3:making accounts on social sites
4:visiting websites or pages
5:promoting websites

For more inquiries about this please visit this site www.microworkers.com or leave a massege below in comments about this topic.