Friday, 18 October 2013

Adf.ly Auto Clicker For 2013 100% Working Free Download

This bot is better than previous bot because it saves your bandwidth. However it is very easy to use this bot, lets see how to use this Adf.ly Bot

Steps To Use Adf.ly Autoclicker 2013

●Download the new adf.ly auto clicker and proxies.
●Run adf.ly auto clicker.
●Select enable proxies.
●Now load the download proxies.
●Now right click on blank space/header of bot and select enter link.
●Finally right click and select start, your links will be clicked automatically.
●Now minimize the bot and let it do its work!

Download Link:

Live Cricket TV

Watch Live(Cricket) TV:

Link: http://adf.ly/Xl3JW